There is a quality of abstraction in modern dance that I want to explore in my paintings. It is structured, but fully spontaneous and expansive. As I paint I search out similar acts of freedom. I find them in color equivalents to sounds and tempi. They come to being in the gestural movements of passages of paint. Layers of time are captured in a confluence of forms on the white space of the canvas. In painting the whole journey is present at once.

In my current work, I am drawing the sum forms of the human figure on a page. I’m interested in the relationships created by the different forms, lines, and colors bringing about a uniquely personal reality. Sometimes I draw from the model, fusing three hours of poses onto one piece of paper and sometimes from a dancer, recording the consecutive movement of forms. I start with thinner marks, adding weight and color as the poses progress. Intuition plays an important role in terms of where and how the figure will be placed. I allow myself to work fast and to erase frequently. Contours appear and disappear defining a set of shifting rhythms and tensions. Ultimately, I want to hold multiple visual experiences in space compressed into a single moment.

About Me

I was born to Romanian parents in Israel and raised in South America. After moving from country to country all my life and absorbing what each place had to offer, I landed in San Francisco and made it my home fourteen years ago.

My whole life I've connected to the world through my art. Here in San Francisco, my photography has multiplied as grids, morphed into mixed media and come out the other side as paintings and drawings.

My diverse upbringing has given me the opportunity to work with youth from a wide diversity of backgrounds and economic levels ranging from Bedouin children in Israel to adolescent orphans in Romania. Here in the bay Area I have worked as a photography and art teacher for organizations such as MOCHA (museum of children's art), MCCLA (mission cultural center for Latino Arts) and the Red Poppy Art House where I have also been an artist resident. I have also been part of the San Francisco Studio School of Painting, Drawing, Photography and Mixed Media for the past 10 years.



Published Works